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Returning “Home” to Panama – October

Before starting my “actual” story for the month of October, I want to send this message to my dear family and friends all over the Eastern Seaboard of the United States. Please know you have all been in my prayers. as well as the many, many people I know here who have been praying for you as well in the wake of Monster Storm Sandy. I have been rivited to the TV ever since this started. I have seen the devastation, especially in New Jersey and I have also shed many tears just remembering the sweet and wonderful years of my childhood when our family would go to Point Pleasant every single day in the summer to swim and cool off. It remains only a memory now. To all of you, my heartfelt prayers for your safety and to all you may know that lost homes, posessions and all of their memories, it is truly a disaster of “unthinkable” proportions. In time, things will get back to some normalcy. Please know you are all thought about and we will do anything to help. With that being said- please read on about coming back “home’ to Panama. read more…

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