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FEBRUARY – Another Month in Paradise??????

The month of February is now over, but I need to start at the beginning and bring you to date. February continued to have those dark clouds hanging over me! I was excited to learn that my household goods shipped from Miami on February 1st and was to arrive in Panama on the 5th. Now, if I paid BRIBE money of $300.o0. I was told that my things would clear Panama Customs quickly and easily and I would get delivery on the 8th – right to my condo. My only concern at that point was that Carnivale starts here on the 7th (Thursday, and runs thru the following Wednesday, which is Ash Wednesday. How in the world were they going to get thru the “city” and out to the beaches???? Here goes another lost $300.00 so I thought. read more…

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Another Month in Paradise – OOPS, not really!!!!!

I believe I left off in the New Year, wishing everyone happiness and all of that wonderful stuff. And of course you knew all about my frustrations with trying to get things done in the new condo that I would soon occupy. I don’t think I ever really knew the meaning of “frustration” until this past month, making it the third month in a row that I have been working on a condo that did not belong to me but that I would rent on a long term basis. Happiness in January for a new year????????? Is this for real???????????? read more…

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