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Back in Panama….A Great NEW Beginning!!!!!

YES, to your question – a sink has finally been installed and I now have a full service kitchen!! But to get to this point, I must start from the beginning!

THE New Kitchen Sink

THE New Kitchen Sink

I came back to Panama from my trip to San Francisco on the evening of February 21st and went straight to Isabel’s in the city. After all- we had work to do – like finding a sink that would fit into this kitchen and one that was as good as the one that had been sent with my household goods from the states! I had already made up my mind that I was not going to go through hassles with my landlord anymore – I would make the few final decisions and so be it! I camae back to Panama rested, relaxed and would aabsolutely not allow myself to have any more stress due to confrontations through e-mails. read more…

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