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Those April Showers…

I am back once again but honestly do not know where the time has flown to! As the saying goes,”time flies by when you are having fun.” I can’t say I have had that much fun during the past month but I can tell you that much has gotten accomplished – a lot got finished and most everything has been put away to my satisfaction. I am, however, still sorting things out for give-away and will be doing that for a while. As I have said before, I have much too much that I brought here – not only THINGS, but clothing and shoes as well!. So I am paying the price on this end of having to get rid of… and a lot of lost time. BUT – I am doing it and one day I will truly feel a lot “lighter.”

Lorry, Irene, Greg, Phyllis, Cheryl Irene's "small" birthday dinner

Lorry, Irene, Greg, Phyllis, Cheryl Irene’s “small” birthday dinner

As I was going thru things and getting more organized, I realized that my daughter Janet has a big birthday coming up in May. I know she loves to travel and she loves doing most things on her own, but I threw out some bait and asked her if she would be interested in Alaska. read more…

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