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Merry???? March!!!! 2015

The month of March does not come in like a Lion in Panama. The weather is pretty constant in temperature, but we are in the dry season with no rain, and this has been one of the worst dry seasons ever (so I am told).

BURNING is very popular here, burning of grass, burning of garbage and burning of trees, limbs, etc. Even burning Sugar Cane. And they don’t care where they burn. Wherever is convenient – back of their homes, front of their homes , side of the road – anywhere. Well, with no rain, ad the winds from the mountains being fierce this year, the smoke has been unbelievable, and yours truly has been sick more than well. I cannot take the smoke and even tho all of my doors are closed and the A/C has been on 24/7, nothing is helping and I have been coughing away. read more…

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