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The Madness of May 2015

Cannot believe this long month of May is over and we are about to enter June! Where has this year gone to?

May in Panama is always busy with a lot of BIG things going on.

First off was the International Boat Show in Panama City (not to be outdone by any in the U. S.) and this year the Opening of the International Diamond Center, of course in the city. Tried to get the article in here but having a problem as it does not want to rotate to fit in. Will see If I can attach at the end. Anyway- NO, I have not been there yet. Let them get it all down and ready and in a few months I will certainly go and see what it is like. I am familiar with the Exchange in New York, so really anxious to see this one here as well. It is the only one for Central and South America so should be very interesting. Panama is becoming THE place in Latin America where shopping is the BEST, and I would not doubt that it takes over as number ONE in the not too distant future. read more…

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