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Jazzy Jumpin’ June……….2015

Where is the time really running to? Seems it was just May and I had reported on a trip back to the U. S. Well, here it was June 1 and I found myself on a plane headed for Dallas, Texas! Yes, when I got home, I found an invitation to Oren Hodak’s (Shelley Zweben and Gary Hodak’s son) Wedding. There was no way I could do a turn around that quickly and go back, but after talking to Shelley and realizing we are all getting older, I also realized that when will family, even a small number of us be able to get together again, and so I decided I really wanted as well as needed to go and so I just figured things out and made it happen. The last time the Zweben Clan met in numbers was in December of 2008 in Florida and that was to pay tribute to Uncle Sol, the last surviving sibling of the “nine” Zwebens. And we all had so much fun. Well, this wedding was for one of Sol’s grandson’s, Oren Hodak who was marrying Shannon Smith. I know most of you, my friends and readers of this Blog will not see much in pictures this month as most of this Blog is devoted to the Wedding and family pictures, but to the family that was not necessarily invited, you will all catch up on who is who and how we look today- seven years later!!! And perhaps we should really do another “family” reunion with the kids and grandchildren. WOW- what fun we could have! read more…

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