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August 2015

As August draws to a close and I realize how fast this year is flying by, I have reflected on a Blog I received earlier in the month from a mere acquaintance, or rather a young customer of mine who four years ago bought a travel bag on wheels from me that she would be needing in her move to Singapore. Altho she was not sure how long she would be there, she was going and looking forward to the move, the same way I was looking forward to my move to Panama. I asked her to keep in touch, and she has. I don’t even remember her name and she only writes three to four times a year. However, her Blog this month, in celebration of Singapore’s 50th Anniversary says so much and speaks volumes of what she has learned and become. I share so much of what she says and I wanted to send this to you all, my family and friends. So this month, you will hear from someone else in another country and some of her words are powerful. I hope you enjoy. read more…

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