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November – 2015

For a country that shuts down so much during the month of November with all of its Holidays, seems the Ex-Pats just had lots of fun and partied through-out – avoiding of course getting caught up in the traffic jams during those holidays. Fun to watch all of us rushing into the grocery stores and liquor stores to stock up of food and booze because no one ever wants to run out of anything!!! Crazy, yes, we just drive ourselves nuts for no reason.

But we did do a lot of partying during this month, starting out with me inviting friends Phil and Yolanda over for drinks and comfort food. One beautiful day – with NO RAIN in sight, Melina and I decided to drive out to the Haito Viejo Inn in Rio Hato. This is about 30 minutes West of where I am. It is an Inn and Spa that I have been very anxious to see since it opened about a year ago. They have beautiful grounds, a separate spa, rooms, beautiful pool area and a fine restaurant. They also have Horse Stables and you can ride there as well. It was truly such a relaxing day with lunch out there on the patio instead of inside, overlooking the beautiful and spacious grounds.

Phil and Yolanda

Phil and Yolanda

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