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January, 2016

Happy, Happy 2016 to all and once again – good health, prosperity and everything wonderful for all in this New Year. But before I really begin with this January – to all of you – family and friends who have just dealt with the Monstrous Snow Storm that hit the Northeast, I hope you have all now “dug out” from under and I certainly hope you have managed to stay safe and are all OK. Now, back to the comings and goings of this New Year and Phyllis!

Panorama of Fireworks

Panorama of Fireworks

By now the entire world knows that I do not go out on New Year’s Eve. It was always a very special evening for me and Larry and we celebrated alone with special food and our special Champagne. And so I have continued this ritual and absolutely love it for it gives me the opportunity to celebrate and reflect over the past year and make my resolutions and reflect on what I really want the New Year to bring for me. read more…

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