About “From Panama”

On Sunday, April 22, 2012, at 4AM, my bags were loaded in the van that was to take me to the airport for my one-way flight to Panama City, Panama.  I locked the door for the last time to the home that had been “home” for over 40 years. The key was tossed into the mailbox for the new owner to get later that day, and as the car drove away, I did not look back. I had said my good-byes the evening before – room by room – and now it was time for me to look forward – a new beginning – a new life – a new adventure!

I set this blog up so I can share my adventure with you, my good friends and family.  I know how busy we all can get, so I hope you’ll take a moment and use the subscribe button at the top of the column on your left so any new dispatches will automatically hit your mail box!  No muss! No fuss!


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