Jumbled June – 2020

May 31st- Last day of 67days of LOCKDOWN, 1608 hours, 9 1/2 weeks of 24 hour lockdown except for 6 hours weekly ( 2hours M, W, and F) for essential grocery shopping which means “at home” 96 % of the time – and NO socializing!

June1-We can now move about at any time we choose but curfew from 5 am – 7pm does apply. No stores are open, just the same grocery stores, but it did give us the freedom to move about at times we might prefer. Masks still mandatory and still liquor sales are limited to only 1 bottle.
June 8 – just one week after being given permission to move about – mandate is rescinded!! Back to LOCKDOWN, but now new hours. Seniors will now get 3 hours on M, W and Friday but it will be 7am-10am and all others will have the 2 hours according to their “papers.” Insanity at its best!  So immediately we find out that you better be at the stores of choice at 7AM because by 7:30-7:45 the hordes of people that are allowed from 8-10 are far greater than the hours previously and you find yourself in the midst of masses of people, something we older folks have wanted to avoid. This whole thing is unreal!

June 15 – the good news for this week is that Liquor Sales will go back to normal and we are allowed to buy whatever we want. Great news and you should have seen me start stocking up every day I was out so that If we get another decision to NO liquor sales , I would be well taken care of. What a life we are living. And one fine day I needed to pick up a vitamin I was out of. So needed to go to the Pharmacy to see if they had what I needed. What I encountered was a long line of MEN (on the womans day out) and I had to get on line and wait my turn!. Where oh where are the Policia at this time. Unreal!!!!!!

Men on Line in Farmacia (Ladies Day out)

Men on Line in Farmacia (Ladies Day out)

Those of you in the U. S. or other parts of the world may be complaining, but until you have been on a real LockDown for a long time, you have no idea what it is like to not be able to go about some semblance of a normal routine. Will those days ever return? Probably not for a long while. And wearing masks? Many of you have not been told you MUST – we must- even when driving in a car alone!. I kid you not. If a policeman decides to stop you or sees you driving by with no mask, he can stop you and ticket you. Insanity , absolutely!. I understand the wearing in a store, etc, but in your own car, when even alone??  Hopefully this country will get their act together and soon. They are being overly cautious, good -but what they are doing to their economy is not good. People that were poor to begin with are not doing well. People do need to get back to work to earn money to feed their families. Government certainly is not doing enough for their citizens.

In the meantime, a few of us gals decided we could start getting together for some good lively conversation and wine out on the Pool Deck and just enjoy our own company. One late afternoon, Lyn, Eryka and I did just that. Brought some wine and nibbles down to the undercover area and just relaxed in the fresh air with cool breezes and did not realize how much we missed just getting together with each other to totally unwind and relax.

Eryka, Lyn and Phyllis

Eryka, Lyn and Phyllis

A delightful late afternoon get together. Then came the idea that we needed haircuts very badly. I know that after cutting my own three times, the last time I really ruined it as I tackled the back of my head – (not seeing what you are really doing does not help)!!! So I got in touch with ALDO, the Italian hair dresser here (I do not use him as I go into the city, but cannot for the past almost 4 months) and asked him if he would come to VistaMar where we have a social room and I would set up a Salon for him to cut hair. Of course – he was delighted. So I sent out emails telling them that on Friday, Aldo would be here. Before I could turn around I had 7 people lined up for him. I also insisted he be ON TIME so that people would have some idea of timing. Time in Panama means nothing and especially to Aldo. But those of you who know me well, we are ON TIME!!!!

Aldo and Phyllis's New "DO"

Aldo and Phyllis’s New “DO”

We set up a call sheet so that as soon as you sat down in the chair, you would call the next one on the list and that told them they needed to be in the “salon” within 20-30 minutes tops. It worked out great, and we did wind up with 9 hair cuts, including two men!.  Now we know we can do that if this lockdown continues and the hair salons do not open. How much fun are we having?????

Aldo Cutting a male head (Adam)

Aldo Cutting a male head (Adam)

After the success of the hair, I looked down at my poor feet that haven’t had a Pedicure in over three months. That is the one thing I cannot do as I cant bend over to reach the toes!. So I got a hold of Aldo again and asked if he had a girl that could and would come!. Not only would that happen, but the girl that does nails does not speak any English so therefore, the Receptionist who speaks wonderful English, volunteered her services as an “interpreter.” This was all set up for the next Friday, the 26th of June!. Wound up with 7 Pedicures and one of the ladies wanted a manicure as well.

Leslie getting her Pedicure

Leslie getting her Pedicure

So a very productive day and all were so happy. One of the gals, Lyn, really went all out to help make it a beautiful and peaceful Salon, bringing in flowers, candles and ordering lunch in for the girls to take a break. I even baked brownies if any of the ladies wanted to nibble a little something before or after their service. Soft music was playing and it was truly such a relaxing atmosphere. Who will ever want to go out again when we can do it in our own social room and be “at home.”

Leslie and Phyllis just relaxing in our "Salon" after Pedicures

Leslie and Phyllis just relaxing in our “Salon” after Pedicures

Lissett, my “adopted” Panamanian daughter is finally home for a much needed rest from work and I have had the pleasure of her company as well as helping me on so many levels. One day we decided to drive down to  the BogaBar

Lissett and Phyllis at the Marina waiting to pick up Food

Lissett and Phyllis at the Marina waiting to pick up Food

here at our Marina to order lunch and bring it back to the condo and sit on the Balcony. What a delightful rest and treat that was for us both!

One of the dear couples here who I am friendly with finally got a humanitarian flight out for the beginning of July to return to Marbella, Spain where they live for 6 months, then here for 6 months. Whether Lisa and Paul will be able to return when they really want to in January is up in the air, but wanted to say goodbye, so went to their home down by the beach one evening to have a farewell drink with them and wish them a safe journey. Hopefully they will get back on time and then we hope things will be normal to some extent so we can visit, go back out for dinners and have a little fun. We are figuring out ways to come and go within the confines of our vast property, and with some of our friends. Not easy, but we are really screaming for some fun together as well as conversation to see how we are all doing!.

Lisa, Paul and Phyllis with "Cheers" to all

Lisa, Paul and Phyllis with “Cheers” to all

I have been off of Facebook for almost a month now, and feeling so much better. There is nothing good happening and everyone is fighting with each other and the nastiness is not what I want to be involved in. Too much for us to handle with everything going on around us, so decided to leave it to the young at heart.  I have been in touch with many family members in the past month and it will become more involved as soon as I can get an email out and get things going. We have a rich history in our family, and many of us. Lots of great tales to tell, so that is what I am going after now and putting it all together so it can be saved for the next generation. At least a lot of us are doing some thinking on a different scale to keep us busy and occupied. This is far from an easy time for all of us.

The restaurants in the area here are doing a fantastic job of delivering meals to those of us up and down the beaches that want a reprieve from cooking. I happen to enjoy my own cooking and have been making a lot of new dishes as well. However, every now and then I do get tired and say “I really don’t feel like making dinner” and that is when I will call one of the many and order from them. They tell you what time they will deliver and bring it to the front door of our lobby here.. Very convenient and easy for all. These people are able to keep their businesses afloat as well as to pay their employees and so we are all helping to make it succeed. A nice feeling indeed.

And so another month comes to an end. As said previously, I have heard from a lot of family in the past month, as well as friends, and its really a great feeling to be “in touch.” If this Virus has done nothing else, it has certainly brought many of us closer as well as making a lot of people more innovative. Certainly not an easy time for many and even those of us who are feeling great, are beginning to get very antsy. All I want to do is take a ride to somewhere. I would like to go to PriceSmart, only 45 minutes from me. Understand I really can now, but still the check points, etc. I just don’t want to deal with that so I still have a service do my shopping in that area and bring it to me. Safer for sure.

Hope you are all doing well (or should I say doing as well as you can possibly do with whatever restrictions you have where you are or in what part of the world you are located.) For those of you that can roam about pretty freely, I do envy you but also feel you really do need to be careful as this is exploding worse than ever! Take care, all of you out there, and until next month, sending my love and looking forward to whatever the month of July has to bring!. Will be interesting to see how July 4th is celebrated this year. I am sick to see what is actually happening in the U. S. these days and pray for peace and understanding among everyone.  You all stay safe, be well, and until next month……………………


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