Trick or Treat – October, 2019

What a month this has been! In fact, lets just say what a year this has been!. But first things first!. At the beginning of October,

while the weather was still beautiful in Indianapolis, I decided to go and visit Jeff, Suzy, Max and Sam for a few days!.

Jeff, me and Max on the Soccer field

Jeff, me and Max on the Soccer field

What a treat for me that was (who doesn’t love being around your grandchildren), and now with the new puppy, Zena, a perfect few days!. Had fun watching Max at soccer practice as well as a few crucial games that they won or tied thanks to the wonderful scorer, my grandson who can really jockey that ball right past the goalie!. Totally

Jeff, holding Zena with me, Max nd Sam

Jeff, holding Zena with me, Max nd Sam

awesome and of course, thrilling for me! Sam is the smiling one, but still the devil, full of tricks or teasing!!! Had a great Ladies Night out once again with Suzy and a few friends, one of which I had met before!. And a great treat from Max- out to Breakfast on Sunday and he paid for Nana!

Max took Nana for Breakfast on Sunday Morning!

Max took Nana for Breakfast on Sunday Morning!

Ladies Night Out at Ruth's Chris in Indianapolis

Ladies Night Out at Ruth’s Chris in Indianapolis

A great change of weather and then back to Florida and that awful heat!!

During the months of August and September, I really began to do a lot of soul searching as to finding a decent place to rent in Florida at an affordable price, where did I really want to be, what did I really want to do about my future? It was mind boggling going thru all of these questions I had as well as coming up with answers. Did I want to remain in Floirda or did I want to return to Panama. I weighed many options as to the pros and cons. I had even gotten in touch with my old landlord in the U. S. who owns the condo in Panama I had for 7 years. I know it did not sell yet (Real Estate in Panama has been flat for the past 2 years) and wanted to know if he would consider renting it to me again for however long or short. He was thrilled, so I had that answer to think about. Needless to say, there was a lot of agonizing on my part, but after weighing  everything, I decided that I would return to Panama – for whatever amount of time. I would not say forever, and I would not say for just 6 months. I knew I had to stop paying storage at some point and I knew it was certainly more affordable than being in the states, especially Florida. The unfortunate part is that everything in storage was packed up and how do I ever find things I may not want anymore and try to unload in the states. Problems that could and could not be solved. The decision to return was made and the next steps would be easy.
On October 12, I flew from Tampa to Panama City and was picked up by dear friend Isabel to stay with her and then go to the Condo a few days later. And so I am here in Panama again, but like I said “Who really knows for how long” ? I will let the kind gentleman above decide on my future and my fate!

Before leaving, did find time to get together with a few dear friends, Helen, Peggy and Sam, and what would it be not to have a night out with dear Cher?

Cher and Phyllis at Beau and Mo's

Cher and Phyllis at Beau and Mo’s

Always so much fun. I will miss seeing and being with many friends in St. Pete, but will have a life here again as well and you know I will always be around to visit, and you know you are always welcome to come and visit Panama, a country you really do need to see!.

My arrival in Panama was great. Isabel met me at the Airport and spent a few days with her. She brought her youngest grandson to visit me at her Condo in Panama City, and beautiful Alonso walks in while I was having breakfast and yells Buenas Dias Phyllis and runs up to give me a big kiss. Now you know my heart melted and made me feel so good!



I am adjusting to being at VistaMar once again and I have received my shipment of Household goods. Where things are is still a mystery, and I am also missing things, but slowly but surely I will get myself unpacked and sort through things I want to sell, give away, whatever. This has been quite a learning experience as well as quite an expense during the past year. From here back to Florida and then Florida back here and not being able to go thru things as everything had been packed up to move and in storage, how does one unpack to even see where things are or what you have!. A good learning experience for sure. All I can tell you all that are in my age group – what in the world do we need all of this STUFF for?  It is literally STUFF and your kids will have a hey day just throwing things away. Everyone is downsizing and we need to do the same thing. Just get rid of and get yourself down to clothing you can travel with and have fun. We are living in a different era and have to wake up and realize that. If I want to go somewhere or change a location, I will rent FURNISHED. Yes, I always have my own linens for the bed, my own towels and personal items, but RENT is the way to go today, and get it furnished.  I also suggest checking things out to see if it your taste, cleanliness, etc, etc. Just some advice folks. I have so much STUFF  it is truly ridiculous and now I am really going to get it all down! As I am slowly unpacking, have boxes to put things for sale, charity, or certain individuals. BUT- I am truly getting rid of.

I arrived in Panama looking like hell, and believe me, that is the truth. My eyes were swollen, partly from allergies, but really because the stress ad strain of traveling, and all of the decisions at the last minute, and things in general really did me in. I have never felt like that, never looked like that and basically decided I needed to CHILL and be alone for a few days or a few weeks. I basically did exactly that and avoided contact or phoning anyone until I felt I could!. I am now just beginning to come back to being ME again – whatever that really may be. I am looking to find ME, and it is a beginning. It WILL happen, but I am definitely emerging as a different person. I want time for ME, I want time to do what I WANT TO DO, and I WILL make these changes. There are some ideas I have that I now want to accomplish and I WILL do just that.

I was thrilled to hear Charlie and Beverly returned to their home here at VistaMar just a week after I got here, and we decided to meet up for dinner one night at Pascals to catch up. If you recall, Charlie is a dear friend who turned 90 on St. Patrick’s Day and had the BIG PARTY to celebrate. They are both so dear, so exciting to talk to and fun to be with.

Charlie, Bev, and Phyllis having Dinner at Pascals

Charlie, Bev, and Phyllis having Dinner at Pascals

And so dear friends and family, on this Halloween night, while most of you may be trick or treating, I end this month’s Blog with love to all and to those of you who have been in touch and have given me so much moral support, I love and treasure you and always will. That is from you here and away from here.  I know I have been distant or cut calls short this past month. I have not felt like talking much, but I am returning to some normality. Not completely, but it is happening slowly. And before I go, let me give you my phone numbers, that are working these days (so happy)!!!

U. S. Direct (the Magic Jack)   727-343-1393       That number can be called from anywhere and is a atoll free call to me. It can also be used for messaging.

Panama number is (507) 5464-4554

And of course those of us on Facebook can always do a call or video call on Messenger and the reception is usually excellent!!!!!   And most others do use Whats App, also free anywhere in the world.

I am sure we will have nothing but GOOD NEWS next month , and in the meantime, we WILL be in touch thru emails, phone calls, FaceBook and whatever. Love all of you, Family and Friends and I truly look forward to us all keeping up next month. Busy holidays ahead!. Be well, stay happy and to all of family and friends in California with all of the fires, Prayers for your safety.   Until next month………………………………….

PS  Thrilled about the Washington Nationals, of course. I grew up in DC, went to schools there and am so proud that they FINALLY did this. Houston was never going to be anything for me after what they did to Tampa Bay and the RAYS!. Maybe next year?????????????

Another PS, Do not know what happened last month to the “cover” of the Blog where all previous Blogs are listed, etc, but if it happens again this month, I am sorry and will have to look into WHY. They keep changing little things with Word Press and I cannot always keep up with it. Sorry!

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